Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Jason wakes up on a school bus and finds he has no memory.  No memories of Leo and Piper (his supposedly best friends), and no memory of why he was on the school bus in the first place.   Jason learns that he is on the bus for a class field trip to the Grand Canyon, which is perfectly normal. Wrong. Things get weirder when their P.E. teacher is taken by a whole bunch of monsterous venti (Wind Spirits)  When a rescue party comes flying in, (literally flying) Piper, Leo, and Jason demand  answers.  In return they are taken to camp half-blood, where they are informed they all are really half-human, half-greek god. They find out that Jason's memory was stolen by Hera, queen of heaven.  In return for the memories Jason, Piper, and Leo must go on a quest for Hera, to rescue her and stop the Giant King. Will the quest be too dangerous? Will any of them survive? Or will the Giant King destroy the world?

The Lost Hero is an action-packed adventure story.  Authored by Rick Riordan, who is a favorite of mine.  And after you read The Lost Hero, he'll be your favorite too.

Young Bibliomaniac gives The Lost Hero 4 STARS!

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JaNae said...

I just love your blog. everytime my 9 yr old son needs a new book this is the first place we look- thanks!