Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Candymakers by Wendy Mass

The "Life Is Sweet" candy factory is offering a chance of a lifetime.  They are choosing one child to develop a new line of candy, and a cash prize of $1,000. The four contestants that are chosen are very unique.  There's Logan, the candymaker's son, Miles, the boy who is allergic to the color pink, Daisy, the girl who can lift a 50 pound chunk of taffy with ease, and then there's Phillip, the boy who always wears a tie.  Which of these remarkable children will win it all?  Find out in The Candymakers.

The Candymakers is a great book, filled with mystery and surprises.  It was an awesome story I loved instantly, I could hardly put it down.

Young Bibliomaniac give The Candymakers 4 STARS!

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LKP said...

so excited by your review of the candymakers, as this book caught my eye last time i was perusing the shelves at B&N. thank you! i have a "daisy" of my own, and i keep thinking she'd get a kick about reading of another daisy in a candy factory! :)