Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan

After saving the world from the god of evil, Set, a few weeks ago Sadie and Carter Kane are assigned for another world saving challenge.  Apophis, the god of chaos is breaking free from his prison after thousands of years of being locked up, and he plans to rid the world of order and have chaos rule. Unfortunately, the only one strong enough to battle Apophis is Ra, the god of order, but no one has seen Ra for many years.  So the obvious thing to do would be to go to those who have experience on saving the world, and that happens to be the Kanes.  Sadie and Carter, accompanied by Bes, the dwarf god, must find Ra to put Apophis back in place.  But can they do it in only five days?  Find out in The Throne of Fire!

The Throne of Fire is an adventurous book full of humorous characters.  I enjoyed every bit of it and hope that you will too. This book is great for boys and girls 9-12.

Young Bibliomaniac gives The Throne of Fire 4 STARS!

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Hannah J said...

i read that book i have to say i liked the first one better