Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Whole Nother Story by Dr. Cuthbert Soup

Join Mr. Cheeseman, Jough, Gerard, Maggie, Pinky, and a sock puppet named Steve as they embark on a journey like no other.  Mr. Cheeseman and his three children have been on the run ever since he created something the world has never seen. He calls it the LVR, A.K.A, a time machine. Many people are out to get Mr.Cheeseman and his miraculous invention.  The government, international super spies, and many more evil people.  Can the Cheesemans escape from all these evil doers?  Read A Whole Nother Story by Dr. Cuthbert Soup and find out.

I loved A Whole Nother Story the second I looked at the cover. It was a funny, entertaining, and suspenseful. Every 5th or 6th grader is bound to love this book as much as I did.

Young Bibliomaniac gives A Whole Nother Story 4 STARS!

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