Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pillage by Obert Skye

Beck Phillips has a pretty average life, he's sixteen and three quarters and goes to a normal school.  But when Beck's mother dies, he is sent to live on a miraculous estate which is owned by an uncle he never knew he had.  Shortly after arriving in Kingsplot, Beck meets Kate and Milo and together they explore Beck's uncle's estate.  While venturing through the woods they discover an abandoned conservatory, where they find the most unexpected thing they could ever imagine. Dragon eggs.  And dragon eggs can lead to dragons. Beck with the help of his friends must destroy the eggs before they pulverize Kingsplot.  But can they do it?  Will they have the courage to stand up to the dragons?  Find out in Pillage!

Pillage is an amazing book, full of adventure, mystery, and unexpected twists.  I loved it, it was brilliant!  It's definitely in my top ten favorites.

Young Bibliomaniac gives Pillage 4 STARS!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Name of this Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

Cassandra (a.k.a Cass) is a survivalist. She prepares for everything, has a mom (like us all), and two grandpas.

Max-Earnest is a comedian, or at least he tries to be. He has two parents, his own room, and hair that makes him look like a hedgehog.

No one would suspect these two loners would team up to solve the mystery of a dead magician, two psycho spa owners, and an unusual boy.  Mrs. Mauvais and Dr. L (the psycho spa owners) are after the secret of immortality and they will stop at nothing to do it, even if it means kidnapping a boy right out of his own school. Now I know you must be wondering, "what does all this have to do with Cass and Max-Earnest?" Well, ever since they discovered the dead magicians journal, its contents lead them to the Midnight Sun Spa where the unusual boy is being held prisoner. Cass and Max-Earnest feel they have to rescue their classmate, and foil the evil plan of Mrs. Mauvais and Dr. L! But can they pull it off alone? Find out in The Name of This Book is Secret!

The Name of This Book is Secret is a remarkable story written by the mysterious figure Pseudonymous Bosch, (whose name I could not tell you how to pronounce) which draws you into the fictional world of Cass and Max-Earnest.  I highly recommend this book, its very suspenseful, and extremely mysterious.

Young Bibliomaniac gives The Name of This Book is Secret 3 STARS!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hashbrown Winters and the Phantom of Pordunce by Frank L. Cole

Something has been awoken deep beneath the hallways of Pordunce Elementary.  Man or monster, nobody knows, and its up to Hashbrown Winters and his friends to find out what it is!  Catching a ghost may seem like a long and dangerous adventure, but Hashbrown only has three days to capture the ghost, and find two very special hamsters or his treehouse is history! On top of all his problems, Bubblegum     (an honorary member of the club) is moving in two weeks! Plus Hashbrown has most likely met his match in marbles when all-star player Melanie 'Thumbs' arrives at Pordunce.  Hashbrown dislikes Thumbs and highly suspects her and her little brother, Nugget, of being the Phantoms of Pordunce (the ghost we talked about earlier).  Will Hashbrown catch the ghost?  Or will Hashbrown's treehouse be destroyed?  All your questions can be answered in Hashbrown Winters and the Phantom of Pordunce!

This latest masterpiece of Frank L. Cole is hilarious, mysterious, action-packed and has a few twists. There are unsuspected enemies and new friends in the brilliant Hashbrown Winters and the Phantom of Pordunce!

Young Bibliomaniac gives Hashbrown Winters and the Phantom of Pordunce 5 STARS!