Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Door in the Woods (The Jimmy Fincher Saga: Book One) by James Dashner

This whole story starts with a door, a door lying on the floor of the forest.  There are many trying to get to that door because behind it is a power that can destroy our world, and others.  It's up to Jimmy Fincher to stop them.  Jimmy Fincher used to be a normal kid, then he got kidnapped by a bunch of monsters and was told that they were going to get the power behind the door.  With that power they would combine our world with theirs.  And that would be bad.  Jimmy knew he had to stop the monsters but would he be able to?  Would he find the courage to enter the door for himself?

A Door in the Woods is the bomb. I read it in one day it was so good. I know you'll enjoy James Dashner's writing as much as I do.

Young Bibliomaniac gives A Door in the Woods 4 STARS!


karen★ said...

this one looks perfect for our family. and five stars? i'd better check it out asap!

Amanda said...

This one looks like one my 7 year old would love:) Thanks for all your reviews! I am so glad your Mom posted about your blog! I know of your Mom through Molly Elmer (her fellow blogger on My Favorite Things). Molly is my sister:)

Keep it up!