Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For Boys Only: The Biggest Baddest Book Ever by Marc Aronson and HP Newquist

Want to know how to land a plane, hunt Sasquatch, and even make blood? Well this book has it all. Marc Aroson and HP Newquist's [The two geniuses who wrote this book] writing is amazing. Everything a boy wanted to know is crammed in here. Literally.

For Boys Only: The Biggest, Baddest Book Ever is a great book for boys of all ages.  If you're a boy, you'll find the information in this book helpful.  Especially if you plan on hunting a Yeti anytime soon.

Young Bibliomaniac gives For Boys Only: The Biggest, Baddest Book Ever 5 STARS!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I have 11, 9, 5, and 5 yr. old boys who read avidly as well. How do you think this book compares to The Dangerous Book for Boys? I would guess you've read it! :)

Young Bibliomaniac said...

I've read "The Dangerous Book for Boys" and it was really good. I prefer "For Boys Only" because it seemed more modern and was filled with information that any boy would love.